Merchant Banker Canada

Strategic Growth Initiatives

As your merchant banker, we provide the corporate development role in the Technology Solution Provider market by maximizing shareholder value. Merchant banker’s mandate is to support existing businesses increase operating capacity, by identifying and establishing strategic growth initiatives that increase revenue, improve margin and maximize their profit. As well on the other end of growth our clients may want to exit and/or divest their business by creating and developing acquisition strategies and business relationships that advance shareholder wealth and business valuation.

As head of Merchant Banker Canada, Colin Stephen Marcelline brings a unique proposition, with a background in finance and a strong sales personality to the business equation of growth in his ability to support growing and/or planning to exit the corporation. Successful customers understand a key component of merchant banking activities is the interpretation and execution of the Independent Review Process, used to evaluate your current business development opportunities and customer service organization situation.

Some of the tools we utilize for your success are Financial Analysis Modelling, Operation Capacity Assessment, Product Innovation Management, and Strategic Account Management. When necessary, we provide an in-depth review of people, products and processes, to best identify and establish a Business Acquisition and/or Strategic Growth Solution with measured results.