Samurai Philosophy

Merchant Banker “Samurai” in the corporate development officer role works as an extension of the executive team, to support the acquisition buy/sell transaction process. Executives have utilized Merchant Banker to identify and establish the acquisition targets and understand and support the valuation methodology. We work and develop the financial and market awareness and provide the pre/post integration realities to close opportunities. We know executive teams have to run the day to day business so we focus on the acquisition and how it will increase revenue, improve margin and maximize profit.

The Merchant Banker acquisition process provides the necessary capabilities the executive and his team need, reviewing both the buyer and sellers key ratio and performance indicators and the cultural impact of changes on people, products, process when bringing them together and this procedure includes but is not limited to detailed financial analysis, operational assessment, organizational staff arrangement. Merchant banker have in the “samurai “role always implemented the successful acquisition by providing our executive with the information and research,to support their vision of the business benchmarks. monitoring, managing and maintaining the corporate goals to enable execution of the strategic growth initiatives necessary for completion and integration of a successful acquisition.