Colin Stephen Marcelline

Colin S Marcelline, is part of your corporate development team from I provide start-to-finish support in the growth process, including input on strategy, early identification of risk areas, coordination and execution of  investigations supporting the corporate due diligence function (financial and operational), input and advice on contract terms geared to reduce risks and integration planning.

We “market locally and sell globally!” working out of York Region, Ontario Canada

We work with owners/managers responsible for strategic decisions to grow their business.

We, for more than three decades have been in Corporate Development, a Management Consultant and Corporate Finance Advisor working on “special assignment” for Chief Executive Officers and boards of directors, primarily in technology driven markets.

We are mandated to establish strategic sales, partnerships, financing and/or mergers and acquisitions that achieve organizational excellence.

We utilize experience and capability to analyze, synthesize and present both quantitative and qualitative information for organic and inorganic strategic growth objective.

We are considered a first class communicator with collaboration and interpersonal skills. 

We are known to utilize exceptional time management and organizational skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines. 

We have shown the necessary sales ability, drive, capabilities and motivation gained over years of experience and expertise to work and thrive in a target-driven and high-performance culture.

We have developed trust and credibility through proven and demonstrated resourcefulness and perseverance.

We play a critical role in developing and executing key M&A transactions and business strategy projects, by supporting the business teams in driving growth.

We manage the preparation of confidential information memorandums, potential target lists, initiating discussions with buyers and sellers, facilitating due diligence, negotiating with buyers and sellers, and working with legal counsel to prepare definitive documentation. 

We plan and coordinate integration efforts and develop a thorough understanding of the trends and competitive dynamics within a capture market scenario.

We act as a resource regarding industry practices, products, trends, and regulatory and legislative changes.

We identify and establish relationships based on not who we know but who we need to know and solve people, products and process problems and situations.

We meet with clients on a regular basis in order to sustain good relationships, enhance corporate visibility, upsell and cross sell services, and anticipate client needs.

We conduct client Independent Reviews to determine profitability, developing strategic business plans.

We work closely with the CEO/CFO and company executives to coordinate strategic growth initiatives and monitor risk management constantly across various lines of business and/or strategic business units to resolve key growth issues.

We work with other business units to provide innovative solutions that effectively meet client needs.

We lead/participate in initiatives/programs introduced in client business development

Advise and support sales staff, and assist in presentations.

We provide people management support including assisting in the recruitment process and staffing, as well as participating in performance management and performance reviews.

We manage and oversee overall relationships and business with corporate clients.

We manage strategic account management by providing leadership, guidance, coaching, mentoring, and support as needed.

We participate in departmental leadership and work with the senior staff to resolve issues, set objectives, and perform long term planning.

We will work together to manage and create pitch book (M&A pipeline of potential targets) and presentation development; develop persuasive arguments based on the data and facts.

We manage and coordinate valuation methodologies, techniques and practices, including discounted cash flow analysis, precedent transactions and comparable analysis.

We support the shareholders by creating the strategy around wealth maximization, including managing the timeline for growth and exit.

We write detailed professional reports and presentations of key analysis with pertinent findings.