Independent Review

Independent Review

Our independent review provides that guarantee for success by utilizing a business assessment, financial analysis and corporate report to define the necessary company valuation for growth or business acquisition for exit, and the ongoing engagement and effort to meet and exceed your objective. The team at merchant banker through the independent review process, provide the advisory capabilities and the ability to meet a stated goal through a combination of:

  • business funding
  • ecosystem mapping
  • organizational optimization
  • business intelligence
  • sales and marketing performance
  • process improvement
  • industry contacts
  • strategic account management

Simple Benefits of the Independent Review

    1. Introduce business relationships into the collaborative ecosystem
    2. Provide perspective of current situation and issues that impact growth
    3. Identify acquisition targets and organic growth strategies
    4. Build value through ongoing implementation of a recurring revenue model
    5. Develop alternatives and options for growth and/or exit.
    6. Create Integration through acquisition and divestiture Initiatives.
    7. Establish Strategic Growth Initiatives for Business Ecosystem

Next Steps using our Independent Review Process

    1. When your organization, now and in the future, will achieve predictable sales growth
    2. Where the replacement and displacement technologies are that increase recurring revenue
    3. How our disruptive process change reduces your operational cycle times and costs, and increases margins
    4. What the realities and requirements are to double your business in five years
    5. Why business valuation methods exist (book value + 12 months profit x 0.75)
    6. How to measure and increase value to support succession or other exit strategies
    7. Who are the key stakeholders affecting revenue, margin and profit