Interview Questions

Merchant Banker through the independent review has a proven track record for resolving problematic situations that impact growth, whether your trying to increase revenue through Strategic Sales (partnerships, enterprise accounts), improve margin through Business Financing (debt/equity investment) and maximize profitability through Corporate Acquisitions (buy/sell structure).  

What business problem/situation/challenge is impacting annual double digit growth?

What is the valuation methodology used to value the business?

What additional capital in the business would drive accelerated growth?

What is your growth priority does it include an exit timeline option?

What is your funding requirement, have you used acquisitions for growth?

What new product launch or strategic account would drive growth?

What strategic account would help your business sell more and faster?

What is the size of your advisory board?

What technology should the business invest in for continuing double digit growth?

What new product/service are you bring to market?

We are acutely focused on GROWTH , we solve problems that require strategic commitment and have experience in managing difficult financial situations.  We help our clients move forward whether they have had their lines called, over extended with suppliers credit, customers defaulting, growth challenges, insolvency, restructuring, bankruptcy.  Through the independent review we have the process, experience, expertise and the mindset for growth and/or an exit option. Pricing is based on a progressive compensation utilizing Per Diem’s to develop solution and commission structure for executing on a measurable result.